About The Blue Twig

The Backstory

Virginia Kemp Curator of The Blue Twig Antique Print Collection My hunt for antique prints began several years ago when my husband and I bought a charming (falling down) house. There were bare walls everywhere and a small budget to decorate them. I hit the flea market circuit, picked through dusty shelves at used bookstores and discovered antique paper shows. Eventually, our walls were covered, but the hunt continued. I became obsessed with unusual old paper:
  • Industrial drawings and simple¬†architectural engravings
  • Antique astronomy charts
  • Bold¬†Art Nouveau motifs and vintage Art Deco wallpaper
  • Woodblock textile pattern designs, and
  • Mid century fashion sketches.

We are just scratching the surface here. As beautiful as the growing stash of prints was, it became clear we would never have room for them all. Each piece of curious antique paper needed a home. The Blue Twig was born.